Phantom of the Opera

Ice skating dress

Ice skating dress


A favourite trim with rhinestones added


This Ice Skating dress was made for a performance of the Music of the Night from the musical The Phantom of the Opera. It combines features of 2 of Christine’s costumes, her dressing gown and her ball gown. The creamy colour was chosen so that the costume would not disappear against the ice. Venise lace was added for a luxurious effect and embellished with Topaz AB and crystal AB Preciosa rhinestones.


low back adorned with same trim


2 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera

  1. 5feetofsteel says:

    What a wonderful idea. I love Phantom of the Opera and to put in on ice would be beautiful and classic. The costumes are amazing too. They do remind me of Christine too.

    • Thanks for the comments. Often it’s a balance between evoking the character and copying a costume. For Ice skating there were obvious constraints in costume design but I think my client and I worked these out pretty well. I love working with people to make their ideas come alive.

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