Firebird Traditional Tutu



The moment I saw the cerise and orange shot dupioni silk I knew I had to make a firebird tutu. I set to work hand-dyeing the net for a gradation from hot pink through to yellow, being inspired by Margot Fonteyn’s Firebird tutu. I also wanted to try out Suzanne’s Dieckman’s new corselet bodice pattern to use a piece of tissue silk I had stashed away. I dyed the tissue silk and hand-beaded it as a labour of love. I’d already cut the layers ready for the skirt when Suzanne suggested that layers 1 and 2 (cerise and red) be swapped around, making the shorter red layer the top one. With the dagged points this gave a beautiful feather effect with a great colour transition. The finishing touch was a series of venise lace wedges around the skirt and matching beaded lace on the bodice.


underside of firebird skirt











Firebird embellished venise lace

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