Green Velvet Traditional Classical Tutu


Green Velvet Traditional Tutu

This is an Off-The-Rack (OTR) tutu that has recently sold. It was made from a combination of soft American diamond net and stiff Italian ballet net and loosely hand-tacked for a softer skirt. I included a hoop casing in ruffle 4 in case a flatter look was required. I’m very glad I did this as the client wanted a more iconic shape so I added the hoop and retacked more tightly for a flatter stiffer skirt. I was drawn to the bodice fabric first but then had to find a matching net. After fruitless search I used a layer of golden organza sandwiched between dark green net. The remaining ruffles are alternating lemon and buttery yellow net.


This skirt was originally a bell shape


Hooping this tutu has given it a new image

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