Next OTR

My next Off The Rack tutu will be a traditional classical tutu in purple silk and blue satin. I spent the morning gathering the net which is now ready for steaming.


10 layers all cut, dagged and gathered



can’t resist multi-coloured skirts


3 thoughts on “Next OTR

  1. BreOfficialBlog says:

    The colors are beautiful together!

    • Thanks for that! I do love playing with the colours in a skirt. Ten layers of one colour can be a bit “solid” so I like to give the skirt a bit of life even if it’s just alternating ivory with cream, white with pale blue, depending on the bodice colour. This skirt will team up with a bodice of purple, blue, crimson and gold. The colours are a bit bleached here but that’s what stage lighting will do to them anyway so it’s a bit of a reality check.

      • BreOfficialBlog says:

        No problem and I never really thought much about skirts with a solid color versus more colors. I definitely agree that using more than one color gives the skirt life!

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