3 thoughts on “Hoop layer for purple and blue tutu

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for this!!!
    I’ve been sewing for 37 years and am taking on building a classical tutu for my daughter’s pointe solo. How did I not know about this fishing line trick before! I started gathering my netting last night with this method. You have forever changed my life!!!

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes the fishing line trick was a real eye opener for me too. I use cheap 30lb fishing line that I buy online for about $AUD4 for 500m. Buy a bright colour so that it’s easier to see in your gathered net. I also use a cording foot on my machine to help guide the fishing line into the centre so that I don’t have to watch it.



    • It’s a great technique. I use 30lb monofilament line. If it’s too thick it’s a bit hard to remove, too thin and it cuts your hands when you remove it. Good Luck!

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