Purple and Blue traditional classical tutu finished


Completed tutu now for sale

I’ve put some pictures of this up on the OTR page too but I just needed to close off these few posts with a picture of the finished tutu. I’m in love with the skirt … This tutu is for sale or hire … whichever comes first.

7 thoughts on “Purple and Blue traditional classical tutu finished

  1. BreOfficialBlog says:

    Wow, the skirt truly is gorgeous : )

  2. There’s something really special about blue and crimson playing against each other on the top of a skirt.

  3. mousicles says:

    Beautiful. I love the star effect on the skirt.

  4. jane harnagy says:

    gorgeous! I’m a junkyard sewer working with a shoestring dance studio… More likely to cut the bodice of an 80’s dress from the thrift store and figure out how to attach it to a tutu than tackle sewing one… but this year my dancer is the snow queen… any thing you wish someone had told you before you had to start a bodice over?

    • HI, thanks for the comments on the purple tutu. The step from domestic sewing to dance costumes moves you to the realm of no ease in woven fabric to negative ease in stretch fabrics so good fitting is essential. Make up a toile or muslin first to get a good fit. A bodice will look best if it fits like a second skin. The curvier your dancer the more panels, but the more panels the more accurate you should be with seam allowances. When you have the toile fitting the way you want use it as your pattern. The bodice needs to be firm but flexible so the side panels should be cut on the bias and each panel should be interlined with a stable cotton fabric like 10- 14 oz cotton drill. You’ll need a piece of flat boning for the centre seam but flexible boning (spiral steel) for the side front or bust seams. Oh, and don’t use fussy fabrics … give youself a break!

      • J harnagy says:

        Thanks for the tip… In the end, it was beautiful on stage and the star plate worked well… A little last minute adjustment at the laces (too generous on seam allowances out of fear of having to start over)… Thanks for the great inspiration!

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