Giselle Romantic tutu – next stages

The bodice is almost finished, I’m just at the torturous stage of finalising the trimming so I’ve started putting the skirt together as a diversion. Noting like metres and metres of clouds of white tulle to inspire creative thoughts. I need something in my head while I gather otherwise I’d go mad. The bodice has been piped around all edges with blue satin to give a neat crisp edge. I don’t want a frilly Giselle. The photos below show the key construction steps. I’m in a quandary now as to how to decorate this? I am leaning towards minimalist but will definitely keep the brass ribbon loops. I think the  dirndl approach gives a grounded village girl look rather than a fairy tale effect.

last bit of piping

Piping is wide so it can act as a self facing too

front insert

Boning casing attached to the back of the front insert for spring steel boning

inside bodice 2

There’s a lot going on back here … boning casing for spiral steels added to bust seams

bodice with insert attached 2

Bodice with insert attached. I’ve gathered it so it looks more like a chemise.

playing with trim

Definitely will keep the brass fittings

Giselle skirt

… and the skirt …

3 thoughts on “Giselle Romantic tutu – next stages

  1. Jennifer says:

    Excellent work! How do i find the brass fittings online? I need a source to purchase. Any vendor you use?

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