Giselle Finished

My Giselle romantic tutu is now finished and ready to go into my OTR folder. The shoulder straps will be tweaked to fit the owner with the option of some sneaky elastic at the should seam for a bit more movement if needed. The skirt has 4 layers of tulle, the top 2 bridal tulle and the 2 layers underneath a soft pastel blue. You can see flashes of blue as the skirt moves. I was pleased with the organza ribbon on the skirt as it lends a light touch. The final decoration choice was a last minute delve into my box of ribbon flowers and these pretty little carnations are perfect. I think they give a feeling of innocent village girl.

My next jobs are unrelated to ballet … a formal dress for my daughter who is about to finish high school and a fun new skirt to go with the pink barmaid corset that is being given a new lease of life.

bodice and chemise

I decided that linear trim wasn’t the look I was after

Bodice detail

Carnations and brass ribbon guides


Pretty little peasant bodice

Romantic tutu



2 thoughts on “Giselle Finished

  1. Living Beyoutofully says:

    Wow, the tutu looks so lovely : )

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