Wee Blue tutu at first Eisteddfod

I made a pretty little blue tutu in July for a young ballerina’s first foray into dance competitions. Over the last weekend our little 7 year old has received a first and a second place. Both competition adjudicators commented on the beautiful tutu! I’m feeling very pleased for the little dancer and very happy to have played a tiny part in her success!


Adjudicator’s report for Second place

Giselle first place!

First place!

4 thoughts on “Wee Blue tutu at first Eisteddfod

  1. Sally says:

    My daughter is about to do her first solo this year so looking for a beautiful tutu but one that is different. She has blond hair but looking like size 6!! Thinking maybe the top being white with pale colours like lilac, turquoise sequence ??? Then tutu with those colours like one in photo but have white too like daughters but soften colours and border it together???? Thoughts and price?? I know have to get actual size but seeing what think???

  2. Emma Brown says:

    This is gorgeous also! Wow, tutu’s are so overwhelming đŸ™‚ I don’t know where to start!

    • Thanks again Emma. Sweet little Giselle did really well this year in her first year of competition; so well, in fact, that her teacher entered her in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod where she gained an Honourable Mention.

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