Refurbished Practice Tutu

I’m currently refurbishing a  practice tutu into a performance costume and I’m playing with fabric combinations that will bring it to life with a bit of a Spanish flair. Here are some preliminary thoughts.


Burgundy and Claret with lovely 3D lace


Dusty rose velvet and black and lilac lace

My client has chosen the crimson 3D roses and the red burgundy stretch velvet. I’ve made up a separate leotard to go with the practice tutu. The skirt is looking lovely and I’ll finish the whole ensemble this afternoon when the glue dries on the rhinestones.


The ruby red velvet works much better with the skirt overlay I think


This is a pull-on skirt so you can just see the elastic waist band … but not from the audience

005 (2)

There’s something quite lovely about a bell tutu.

007 (2)

The 3D roses from the skirt overlay needed a bit of bling. I had fun doing this.


and a tiara to match

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