Black traditional tutu

I’ve been asked to make a black traditional tutu that the client would like to decorate herself so I thought this would be a good opportunity to track the construction progress of a traditional tutu. I will use a Tutus That Dance pattern with a pointed bodice. There will be no nude inset as theContinue reading “Black traditional tutu”

Tiny Red and White Tutu

Sally and little Ellie (and Nanna!) came all the way from Orange to Hornsby for a tutu consultation. Ellie is a very petite dancer and her tutu is a tiny size 4. She has a fair complexion and golden blonde hair so their choice of a red and white tutu was perfect! I am quiteContinue reading “Tiny Red and White Tutu”

Lemon and Lime tutu

I love the colour combinations clients come up with! From New South Wales’ glorious central west came a request for a lemon and lime tutu! The starting point was cool lemon ballet net and a gold and lime lace. I teamed this with a beautiful lemon lycra. The dancer is only young so there isContinue reading “Lemon and Lime tutu”

Pastel Winter Tutu

It’s important for a costume maker to know as much as possible about the dancer, the choreography and the music for a piece. ┬áRecently a tutu was requested for choreography to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, more specifically for Winter. Immediately my thoughts turned to icy blues and whites and lots of crystals but the dancer’s teacherContinue reading “Pastel Winter Tutu”

Spanish with a twist of purple

I was asked to make a Spanish style tutu but not in the usual red and black. The young dancer wanted red and sparkly so it was up to Mum to find the non-Spanish element; purple! So we decided on a red velvet tutu with the top 2 layers of the skirt in red andContinue reading “Spanish with a twist of purple”