Spanish with a twist of purple

I was asked to make a Spanish style tutu but not in the usual red and black. The young dancer wanted red and sparkly so it was up to Mum to find the non-Spanish element; purple! So we decided on a red velvet tutu with the top 2 layers of the skirt in red and the remainder of the skirt bright purple … and gold, lots of gold!

purple and red!

After scalloping the net and gathering it I like to steam it before sewing it onto the leotard. I stretch the gathered ruffle onto my ironing board and peg it onto a metal ruler. This makes the steaming much easier and quicker.

Steaming the net
steaming the net

There’s something really satisfying about cutting up the net, gathering and steaming it then lining it up!

layers lined up
layers lined up!

I do love multi-coloured skirts. Sewing 8 layers of netting all in one colour can drive me to distraction. This one was lovely to put together. The purple and red really played with each other. The photo below shows the effect from above and below.

underskirt in the mirror

Next step was to decorate a plate for the skirt with lots of rich ornate gold work.

gold detail on plate

And then brining the design up to the bodice.

Preciosa rhinestones

And putting it all together I think I managed quite a lovely non-traditional Spanish tutu.

tutu (2)
red and purple Spanish tutu



  1. Wow, what a stunning result! I just love reading post like these 🙂 The client has a vision and you really bring it to life!

  2. Thanks (again!). I try to make the posts interesting and informative both to people who like to look at tutus and also people who are trying to unravel the mysteries of how to construct these bits of whimsy.The client was really excited about the colour scheme which is her favourite!

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