Mint and Black tutu

After weeks of making white and ivory skirts I have a mint and black tutu to make. I always get excited about unusual colours for tutus.


appliqués with resin rhinestones

As the bodice and plate design will be very strong I thought a soft treatment on the skirt would be a nice balance. Layer 2 is a subtle glitter tulle and I’ve thrown in some pale blue as well to give some pretty colour shifts.

019 (2)

Soft blues and greens

The blue layers can just bee seen underneath in the reflection in the mirror


ready for decoration

The black appliqués look stunning against the mint but I couldn’t resist some rhinestones and beads.


a bit of bling




6 thoughts on “Mint and Black tutu

  1. LISA MCQUEEN says:

    Not usually a fan of multicoloured tutu skirts but this one is so beautiful I might have to change my mind.

    • The object is to have some “movement” in the skirt so playing with colour shifts can do that quite nicely. That being said I have made some pretty crazy skirts but usually when the choreography, music and dancer’s personality can support it … and not the other way around if you know what I mean

  2. O.G.B says:

    Oh wow, this is a Stunning Costume! The colors are beautiful. If you don’t mind my asking, how do you work with glitter tulle ? I have bought glitter tulle before and the glitter literally went everywhere. Is it a matter of buying “quality” glitter tulle or is it just an inevitable part of working with glitter tulle ?

    • This one isn’t too bad. The “glitter” is very small and well spaced. I bought it from a reputable dealer and I’m in love with it. But yes, the glitter still does sneak around. If I go to the shops after sewing it people stare at me and then say … “Did you know that you sparkle?”. I take it as a compliment!

      • Himiyu says:


        Thank you very much for getting back with me. I was just asking because I gave a tutu to my little sister ( just a dress up one)…and my parents were not happy at the amount of glitter in their car ;p. I guess I’ll have to hold off on any glitter purchases until I find one that is reasonable…

      • An sparkly alternative to glitter tulle is tulle with small holographic dots … that should please meet your sister’s need for sparkle and your parents need for a glitter-free car, although why they should object to glitter I cannot fathom!!! It looks great on the cats!

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