White Velvet and French Lace

This tutu is a very special first tutu for a young dancer. She and her mother have chosen a beautiful french lace from Recherche fabrics. The tutu will be in white velvet and because the background of the lace is a soft grey gathering it will intensify the grey which we don’t want for this tutu. So I will construct a flat plate but cutting and trimming motifs from the lace. I thought I’d take this opportunity to show that process.

Depending on the size of the plate you need 2-3 linear metres (and a good grasp of geometry formulae) of the lace. The inner motifs are then cut and repositioned on a net plate so there’s lots of handsewing. Hopefully the motifs are in mirror image to make my job a little more straight forward. I will often incorporate a few more different beads from my stash to finish off the appliqués on the bodice.

Beautiful French Lace from Recherche Fabrics

I made the tutu up in a pattern by Dani Legge. It’s a stretch pattern and has a faux basque giving a lovely classical line.

Sparkles in the light

I used 2.5 metres of the scalloped edge of the lace and had to cut out a few pieces to make the edge curve around the tutu. The area between the scallop and the hip line was filled with individual motifs from the lace stitched to a net plate. This tutu is for a young girl so a heavy gathered plate would have overpowered her.

hand pieced plate


  1. I know I always keep commenting saying somewhat the same things but I can’t help but say Beautiful Job on this tutu! The lace is certainly lovely.

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