Lively Pink Tutu

Kim and her daughter Sophie came to visit to create a tutu that was soft enough for a young dancer but bright enough to match Sophie’s sparkling personality. We decided on a beautiful fuchsia with some matching pink and silver lace.


Starting point

The venise lace bodice piece was a little too long so I trimmed a few pieces away and made them into a little headpiece and Sophie won’t be wearing a tiara. I just sewed the pieces together, blinged them up and then hot glued the lace and some left over netting to the hair comb.

010 (2)


Blinging up the venise lace for the bodice is always fun and has to be done on day 1 so that the glue can dry. What a great excuse to stop cutting and gathering net! The bling is a mixture of tiny flower sequins, acrylic and crystal rhinestones


bodice appliqué

We decided on a white skirt with a touch of pink. Initially layer 2 was a dark fuchsia net but it was too strong so I exchanged it for a lighter pink and then sneaked in a layer of pastel pink as well. This teamed beautifully with the pink lace.

001 (3)

pink clouds of ballet net

And here we have the lovely combination of pinks and silver that make up Sophie’s tutu skirt.


skirt overlay

I left a lot of the appliqué unadorned so there was a good balance of positive and negative spaces to show through the strong pink.


bodice appliqué


Sophie’s tutu

014 (3)



2 thoughts on “Lively Pink Tutu

  1. Himiyu says:

    It’s like the perfect pink tutu! Just splendid work!

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