Bluebird Demi-character

While i seem to mostly be making tutus every now and again i get to do a lyrical costume or a demi-character costume. Demi-character is a wonderful combination of ballet technique and characterisation. This can be dramatic or funny or sometimes just darn cute here’s a costume for the latter category; a little bluebird. TheContinue reading “Bluebird Demi-character”

Warm Cream and Gold Traditional Tutu

This was a lovely tutu to make. There were no time pressures and Lillian, Izzy and I had a great time putting together the design. I really had to call on my inner princess for this one. The first thing we do of course is decide on a bodice fabric. Tutu making has given meContinue reading “Warm Cream and Gold Traditional Tutu”

Dusty Rose Stretch Tutu

One of the reason I blog about my tutus is to help my remote clients see how out a design together from fabric choices and consultation about choreography, music and dancer’s personal style. It must be hard to try to develop a design with a person you’ve never met so I think the blog fillsContinue reading “Dusty Rose Stretch Tutu”

Fuchsia Tutu with a Spanish Flair

I love it when clients want something outside of the square. Here are a few photos of putting together a traditional tutu in a beautiful fuchsia taffeta with a bit of a Spanish flair in the choreography and music. Instead of a rose in her hair she wore a pink and white peony The client alreadyContinue reading “Fuchsia Tutu with a Spanish Flair”

Spring Waltz

Occasionally clients will give me pictures of costumes they like or admire. I won’t copy someone else’s work but I’m happy to evoke its spirit. I was sent this picture to inspire a classical tutu design to match the choreography to Strauss’s Spring Waltz. I set to work pulling together fabrics that would work. I decidedContinue reading “Spring Waltz”

Velvet and Gold Stretch Tutu

I am constantly amazed and surprised to see how yardage transforms into a tutu. Here is some plain white stretch velvet and a dark gold corded lace. They look pretty together but I was stunned how well these 2 fabrics eventually teamed up. I used the decorative selvedge of the lace to form the outerContinue reading “Velvet and Gold Stretch Tutu”

Apricot and Gold Stretch tutu

I’m not a pastel sort of a person but pastel colours are quite traditional for tutus. So here is my take on an apricot tutu. The dancer is blonde but with a naturally tanned complexion so strong gold on the apricot would create a lovely balance. We decided on a baroque design for the tutu usingContinue reading “Apricot and Gold Stretch tutu”