Apricot and Gold Stretch tutu

I’m not a pastel sort of a person but pastel colours are quite traditional for tutus. So here is my take on an apricot tutu.


starting point

The dancer is blonde but with a naturally tanned complexion so strong gold on the apricot would create a lovely balance. We decided on a baroque design for the tutu using crystals, venise lace and embroidered motifs.

008 (2)

layer of apricot net under the top ivory layer

An ivory skirt suited the bodice colour better than white but (if you’ve read my blog before) you all know I get really bored sewing a one colour skirt so there are a couple of hand dyed apricot layers in the skirt. I used Dharma Trading’s Persimmon acid dye. The apricot available in ballet net is too pink.


plate and skirt

The skirt is very soft and delicate with the apricot layers and contrasts well with the robust plate design. The photo below shows the lovely contrast.


plate and skirt

I added a beads and a variety of rhinestones  to the bodice decoration.

003 (3)

strong baroque feel


finished tutu

And news just in, Analise placed third in the recent Coast Quest Eisteddfod in NSW


Congratulations on getting 3rd place!



2 thoughts on “Apricot and Gold Stretch tutu

  1. And There She Was says:

    Such a lovely tutu 🙂

  2. 🙂 … I’ll post a picture of the dancer in it.

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