Spring Waltz

Occasionally clients will give me pictures of costumes they like or admire. I won’t copy someone else’s work but I’m happy to evoke its spirit. I was sent this picture to inspire a classical tutu design to match the choreography to Strauss’s Spring Waltz.



I set to work pulling together fabrics that would work.

039 (2)

Rose velvet and embroidered roses

I decided on a second layer in ballet pink to soften the skirt a little.

003 - Copy

coloured second layer

The tutu design needed a nice romantic touch so a small scalloped plate edged with gold lace was the perfect accompaniment.


8-petal plate

The central hole is smaller than the hip outline and also not perfectly circular. If you could take a cross-section through the dancer she would have a slightly flattened oval shape. This means the plate is symmetrical around 2 axes only … just in case you’re interested.


venise lace trim on plate

The gold trim makes a nice delineation between the velvet and the lace overskirt. You’ll recognise the embroidered lace from my neon and navy tutu just placed here before final sewing.


the lovely Chloe


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