Velvet and Gold Stretch Tutu

I am constantly amazed and surprised to see how yardage transforms into a tutu. Here is some plain white stretch velvet and a dark gold corded lace. They look pretty together but I was stunned how well these 2 fabrics eventually teamed up.

007 (2)
Scalloped edge of corded lace

I used the decorative selvedge of the lace to form the outer edge of the flat plate. To make the plate curve around the tutu skirt I cut out a portion of the design and resewed. In this case I took out the smiley mouth you can see here (and saved it for another project!). The rest of the lace had tendrils of cording spanning across the centre to the opposite selvedge.

blinged tendrils

Because this fabric is basically just embroidered net pieces can be cut out and used as appliqués. I always try to find fabrics that have mirror images in the design. Here I’ve blinged up the tendrils with some small AB gold navettes and AB crystal rhinestones.

reconstructed lace

Here you can see the lace as it has been reconstructed. I sewed it down to a net plate with gold embroidery thread so that it disappeared into the design and I carefully rearranged the pieces to hide the cut edges. The most efficient way to do this is with the embroidery foot/darning foot on your machine and the feed-dogs down.  A lock stitch at the beginning and end keeps it all secure. I also added some tendrils to soften the block of gold on the skirt. The dancer’s teacher likes tutus to have a continuation of the bodice fabric onto the skirt. This is a nice way to elongate a dancer’s torso.

010 (5)
bodice detail

A sprinkling of floral cup sequins and gold seed beads completes the bodice detailing for a love sculptural effect.

003 (2)
floating tutu in my garden

And just as I finished the tutu a last minute request for a matching tiara!

Katarina's tiara
matching tiara

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I am a costumier living and working in Sydney's leafy upper North Shore. I specialise in dance costumes (particularly classical ballet tutus) but I also love the challenges presented by stage and film costuming and am always looking for new costume genres to explore.

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