Odalisque tutu

This is my first two piece tutu and I modified Dani Legge’s stretch tutu pattern to make the bodice and used Jalie’s pull on tutu pattern for the skirt but added an additional 3 layer to the skirt. The colours are strong and we kept the design simple. The teacher said no bling but the dancer’s Mum and I routed her and sneaked in 1/2 gross of SS20 crystal AB rhinestones; just enough for a tiny tiny glimmer on stage.

015 (640x424)

colours for 2-piece tutu

I made the crop top much the same as the leotards for my stretch tutus but I wanted it a little more secure so I used wider elastic at the top. The pull on pants will have an elastic waist that will fit on the dance when the costume is picked up.

001 (424x640)

Modified Dani Legge pattern and Jalie pants

The embroidered gold appliqués looked perfect against this strong turquoise

005 (640x424)

appliqués pinned into place

The skirt appliqués were “floated”in on a net plate and arranged is a balanced pattern. When they were firmly pinned in place I turned the net over and applied a water based glue to the back of the appliqués rather than sewing them on. The technique worked well so I will try it again.


testing position for skirt decoration

The bodice looks really lovely with some rhinestones attached but the design was still clean and simple as the teacher requested. How could I say ‘no” to a mother request for a little bling?

016 (4) (640x424)

bodice bling

I squeezed the costume onto a bigger mannequin so I get a feel for how it would look on the dancer. The waist sits too low and the bodice is a little short on the mannequin but the general effect is good.

002 (3) (424x640)

sparkle arkle

And with a bit of distance the big picture effect …

010 (640x424)





3 thoughts on “Odalisque tutu

  1. Megan Lau says:

    Hi is the odalisque tutu for sale? And may I ask how much will it approximately cost and is it possible to ship to Singapore?

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