Sapphire and Gold

This beautiful blue velvet has had a lot of fans this season. Here is another tutu this time teamed with a beaded and embroidered purple lace.

starting point (640x424)

beaded lace

To bring out the purple in the lace I added 2 purple layers into the skirt but it needed a little something else to bring the blue and purple a little closer. I found a crimson net but it was a fairly soft polyester net. However, by placing it at layer 2 it didn’t detract from the structural strength of the skirt. If I’d needed an additional layer of this soft net I would have considered hooping the skirt.

skirt layers (640x424)

blue, purple and crimson net

Although the gold embroidery on the lace was a fairly light coloured we went with a strong yellow gold for the venise lace applique and trim. This bold colour added balance to the design. Blue and purple rhinestones were called for but I was careful not to cover too much of the negative space on the applique because I wanted the blue of the bodice to be clearly seen through it. Otherwise the bodice appliqe might just look like a beautifully shaped, sparkly blob.

venise lace bling (640x424)

embellished venise lace

I added a few small fuchsia sequins onto the bodice for little bit more pop! The gold metal beads tie the embellishment back to the colour of the lace. I use these little beads quite a lot.

detail (640x424)

bodice detail

The gold venise lace on the plate framed the edge nicely.

overskirt detail (424x640)

plate and overskirt detail

And I think the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

quarter profile (424x640)

luscious detail

front (413x640)

channelling my inner princess again

2 thoughts on “Sapphire and Gold

  1. Sandy says:

    This is an amazing tutu. You are the tutu guru!

    • Why thank you … not a guru though, I’ll reserve that title for the wonderful tutu-makers who taught me; Dani Legge from Tutus by Dani and Suzanne Dieckman from Tutus that Dance.

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