Aqua and Silver-white

I got a call from someone who wondered if I could make a tutu for an eisteddfod only 4 weeks away. Usually, this sort of time frame is impossible but there was a tiny window of opportunity so we managed to pull together a pretty little tutu just in time. We chose a pretty aqua stretch velvet and teamed it with cool silvery lace.

velvet and lace (640x424)

velvet, venise lace and embroidered lace for overskirt

We teamed the silver lace for the plate and skirt with venise lace for the bodice. I added a bit of colour and definition with rhinestones.

vense lace (640x424)

venise lace bodice decoration

To add a bit of interest to the skirt, I popped in a layer of blue. I love seeing how these little wisps of net blend together. It’s a lovely preview of the skirt itself.

net trimmings (640x424)

net trimmings

The skirt grades down to white at the shortest layers so the tutu panties are also white. I always match the colour of the lowest ruffles to the panties. Here you can see the temporary basting line for the attachment of the net and a light zigzag keeping the white pants in place.


basque and panty (640x424)

faux basque and panty

The net itself is gathered by zigzagging over fine fishing line. The fishing line won’t break and even if you run out of bobbin thread you can just pick up where you started once you’ve refilled the bobbin. I learnt this trick very early in my tutu making career and I can’t imagine how I could have done without it!

fishing line (640x424)

gathering is done over fishing line

The edge of the plate is left raw but covered with venise lace. A small zigzag stitch in metallic thread is all that is needed. Just remember to put the rhinestones on AFTER you’ve sewn the lace to the plate. It’s no fun trying to dodge them with the presser foot!

sewing on vensie lace (424x640)

applying venise lace

Lightly ruffled, embroidered net lace is laid under the plate and stitched on. The edge of the plate and the edge of the lace are both loosely stitched to the net underneath. Here you can just see the light blue layer peeking through the top white layer.

plate detail (640x424)

plate detail

The rhinestones were added after the venise was sewn on and left to dry overnight before the plate was finished and sewn to the tutu.

I just managed to grab a quick photo of the tutu before it was whisked away on a very misty spring morning.

tutu (424x640)

tutu on a misty morning

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