Lilac and Blue Romantic Tutu

Romantic tutus are lovely soft floaty confections. Generally they are made for Giselle and Swanhilda variations. Occasionally, however a request arrives for a romantic tutu that takes advantage of all those swishing layers of tulle. Multicoloured skirts in a romantic tutu have a gorgeous life of their own creating beautiful washes of colour. Once we’dContinue reading “Lilac and Blue Romantic Tutu”

Mint, White with Pearls

Mint is a very pretty colour for a tutu. We matched it with embroidered organza appliques and pearls. While a white skirt would perfectly complement the bodice we decided to add a a layer of mint net in at ruffle 3 to give the skirt an eau de nil colour. Once the leotard was finishedContinue reading “Mint, White with Pearls”