Mint, White with Pearls

Mint is a very pretty colour for a tutu. We matched it with embroidered organza appliques and pearls.

starting point (640x424)
appliques and bodice fabric

While a white skirt would perfectly complement the bodice we decided to add a a layer of mint net in at ruffle 3 to give the skirt an eau de nil colour.

1 green row (640x424)
the mint ruffle gives the white skirt a delicate colour

Once the leotard was finished I decorated the bodice stretched over a body board. This is important as the appliques are non-stretch. They are sewn on by hand with firmly but not tight.

decorating bodice (640x424)
applique placement

The next step was sewing on the net layers and tacking the skirt and then making the plate.

plate pinned (640x424)
pinning the appliques to the plate

The appliques have a lovely irregular border so after I sewed the appliques to the plate I trimmed the lycra as close as I could to emphasize the edge.

trimmed (640x424)
trimmed plate edge

The trimmed edge looked so pretty against the pale eau de nil of the skirt.

side (424x640)
plate detail

The tutu has a very pretty delicate look and the young dancer and her mum were very happy with it.

front (2) (640x424)
finished tutu











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