Kitri has a lovely costume in Act One of Don Quixote. This is a fully stretch version for a young dancer. It is modelled on the Bolshoi costume. This costume has a 4 tiered knee length skirt and bodice with a laced corset.


skirt tiers

I built the skirt onto a full circle of nylon lycra. The 4 tiers were made of gathered stretch mesh and  trimmed with black and gold braid.


faux corset insert

I used a rotary cutter for the corset ribbons and zigagged them on. Since this effort I have decided to use looped tape to get a nice even placement of ribbons. I’ll post that method soon when I document my Swanhilda and Flower variation romantic tutus.


insert in bodice


The leotard has red pants to match the skirt. I placed the trim around to see how it would look. And then time for BLING!


gold venise lace and Czech rhinestones

and voila. I added a few little ribbon roses as well.



bodice decoration

and the finished costume.


Postcript: I do love it when I receive photos of my costumes in action. This is a fabulous photo showing how well the stretch mesh flies on stage



costume in action





10 thoughts on “Kitri

  1. terpsi says:

    Very nice Costume, as usal.

  2. Thanks very much 🙂

  3. Illyse says:

    It’s for sale right? How much is it?

  4. Hely says:

    How much did you use mesh to one tier?

    • I can’t remember now but you can work it out this way. As the base is a full circle determine the circumference for the 4 placement lines using the usual circle geometry. Then determine how full you want the ruffles (I think mine were x2 but x3 would also be good giving a fuller, but heavier skirt) and multiply the circumference by your ruffle fullness.

  5. suzanne doherty says:

    do you have a pattern for this for sale?

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