A client came to me a while ago for a tutu and asked if I’d make her a Maleficent costume as well. They wanted wings that could be easily removed in the early part of the choreography. Now before you get too excited, I don’t know how to make wings and certainly not easily removableContinue reading “Maleficent”

Spanish Jacket

Black,red and gold are instantly recognised as stage-Spanish and although there are lots of other colours that can speak Spanish these 3 are always great to work with. For this young man’s jacket I’ve chosen black velveteen, light gold and yellow gold braid, red sequins and rhinestones. The decoration for this jacket will be detailedContinue reading “Spanish Jacket”

Flower Festival Romantic Tutu

Romantic tutus are great fun to make; all that soft tulle in huge clouds. Having just sent off a blue Giselle to the Alana Haines Ballet competition in New Zealand I was in the mood for making another. The mum and teacher wanted a burgundy bodice so I suggested this beautiful brocade teamed with old goldContinue reading “Flower Festival Romantic Tutu”

Prince Albrecht from Giselle

I love making tutus but it’s wonderful to be asked to make other costumes too. Here is the starting point for a boy’s classical ballet costume from Giselle. My client wanted burgundy and I had a choice between plain bengaline or this … not a hard decision! Like a tutu bodice I line boys’ tunics with a goodContinue reading “Prince Albrecht from Giselle”

Pale Mint Brocade Traditional Tutu

  Pale and pastel-coloured traditional tutus are very popular but I always like to sneak a little bit of extra colour into them. For this pale mint brocade tutu I decided to highlight the mint colour in the skirt and enhance it with a little glitter tulle. And if you’ve wondered how I get all thoseContinue reading “Pale Mint Brocade Traditional Tutu”

A trio of traditional tutus

I’ve been flat out lately and forgetting to take photos but I’m sure you’ll forgive me just posting some pictures of finished tutus rather than construction steps. I often will buy a couple of metres of beautiful fabric if I can see a tutu in it. I could not resist this beautiful embroidered taffeta. ItContinue reading “A trio of traditional tutus”


The peasant costumes in ballets are lovely, whether they have large fluffy skirts, tiered Spanish skirts, or like this one, a low profile full circle skirt that stays close to the dancer’s legs. Here is the starting point for a very pretty Swanhilda costume. Sometimes the decorating ideas will change as I move trough theContinue reading “Swanhilda”

Apricot and Gold Aurora

I’ve had a groundswell of Auroras this year, in all their glorious girly pinkishness. It was almost enough to make me consider frocking up myself (nope, still in jeans and a t-shirt!). My client brought along some fabric she had found and some ideas and we set to work. First there was the dyeing ofContinue reading “Apricot and Gold Aurora”

Grey Velvet with French Lace

Tutu design can sometimes get you into a bit of a rut so it’s nice to be nudged out of that with clients’ lovely ideas. While this design was quite simple the colour choice was surprisingly refreshing. The young dancer is about 15 and she chose an elegant soft dove grey and teamed it withContinue reading “Grey Velvet with French Lace”

Black Velvet and Ivory

People often ask how I find my fabrics and trims but it’s hard to say much more than “online”. I am inveterate hunter and gatherer of all types of trim and I’m always on the lookout for something a little different. I watch what other tutu makers are using and try to step aside fromContinue reading “Black Velvet and Ivory”