Prince Albrecht from Giselle

I love making tutus but it’s wonderful to be asked to make other costumes too. Here is the starting point for a boy’s classical ballet costume from Giselle. My client wanted burgundy and I had a choice between plain bengaline or this … not a hard decision!

Prince Albrecht
embroidered taffeta and ornate buttons

Like a tutu bodice I line boys’ tunics with a good stable cotton fabric. I cut out the pattern pieces in drill and then overlock those pieces to the top fabric.

cutting out
cutting drill lining

I decided to try hook and eye tape for this tunic. I hadn’t used it before so after a bit of googling I launched in. There was a bit of mental geometry in working out how to apply it but I now have a great new technique to use.

h&E tape
hook tape


The tape was folded back so that the tape was hidden behind the lap. I also put a #3 hook and bar at the top and bottom of the back closure and I folded the fabric back on itself to make a facing behind the eyes.

H&E + #3
hook and bar closure

To keep the vest anchored at the waist I put in an elastic waistband that is held in place with loops on the seam allowances.

internal waist belt
internal waist belt

I had the option to sew in sleeves and a faux chemise but I decided to make a little shirt on a crop top to be worn underneath the vest.  The shirt can then be separately washed and could be worn with other t. Being cropped there is no concern about the shirt coming untucked.

braid and buttons

The ensemble was finished with a pair of knee length tights.

Prince Albrecht








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I am a costumier living and working in Sydney's leafy upper North Shore. I specialise in dance costumes (particularly classical ballet tutus) but I also love the challenges presented by stage and film costuming and am always looking for new costume genres to explore.

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