Pink and Silver tutu

Simple designs can have a really elegant effect. In this tutu I used the same decoration on the plate and the bodice. It’s a favourite of mine and clients ask for it often. Here it is starring in pink, white and silver. I used 6 of these around the plate and trimmed the pink lycra to theContinue reading “Pink and Silver tutu”

Ivory and Gold Stretch Tutu

I thought with this tutu I might take you through a bit more detail of the construction elements. If that’s not interesting for you scoot through to the end for the finished tutu. I was asked for an ivory tutu with light gold embellishment in a Baroque style. My client sent me though 1 picture butContinue reading “Ivory and Gold Stretch Tutu”

Turquoise French Lace

French lace, that beautiful confection of beaded and embroidered lace is sometimes just the most perfect focus of a tutu. It can be used sparingly or, as in this case, lavishly to full effect. I look for a lace that has a pretty scalloped edge but also has motifs across the centre of the fabricContinue reading “Turquoise French Lace”

Sea Princess

I generally won’t reprise my designs but sometimes I can tweak the design just enough to create an echo of the original. Here is a version of my Sea Witch in a lighter palette and gold embellishment. The skirt had lots of different blues and greens and to help them blend I deeply feathered themContinue reading “Sea Princess”

Lemon and White Stretch tutu

This was an emergency tutu for lovely young dancer that I’d made a tutu for last year. Her Mum called me with the latest measurements and just said make her a sweet little lemon and white tutu. I have lots of lovely white appliques. I decided on one with flowers in it and toyed withContinue reading “Lemon and White Stretch tutu”