Sea Princess

I generally won’t reprise my designs but sometimes I can tweak the design just enough to create an echo of the original. Here is a version of my Sea Witch in a lighter palette and gold embellishment.

feathered net

The skirt had lots of different blues and greens and to help them blend I deeply feathered them all. Lpoks like I missed a few points. I usually go back in with small scissors to trim them up as I sew the layers on.

untacked skirt layers

I wanted to make the plate light but with a bit of interest so I included some tulle ellipses between the points.

putting the plate together

Once the appliques were sewn on it was time to add rhinestones.


sparkle arkle

I added one of the plate motifs to the bodice applique to draw the overall embellishment together.

bodice detail

The little ellipses of glitter tulle were quite lovely I think. I’m also rather fond of elongated points on this inverted scallop plate.

plate detail

And I think we have a very elegant Sea Princess.








Published by barbarasanders2077

I am a costumier living and working in Sydney's leafy upper North Shore. I specialise in dance costumes (particularly classical ballet tutus) but I also love the challenges presented by stage and film costuming and am always looking for new costume genres to explore.

4 thoughts on “Sea Princess

  1. I live in Coventry England and have made costumes and tutus for my daughter and grandaughter . I often look at your website and I am inspired by your beautiful work. I look forward to seeing your work. Regards Georgina Lamon.

    1. Thanks Georgina, what a lovely thing to say. I’ve been very busy wit tutus and dance costumes this year and have backlog of costumes to write about. I hope to put a few more up soon.

  2. What a beautiful work !
    Here in France, I’ve just finished the masterpiece of my costumes for our next dance recital : a stretch tutu for the “Lilac fairy”. And I sincerely wanted to thank you for sharing your work with us. That is really helpful !

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