Emerald Velvet and Gold

This tutu brought together my favourite applique, beautiful emerald green velvet and a new shade of net I fell in love with at Dani Legge’s tutu course in Woodend earlier this year.


Layers 1, 3 and 5 of the skirt were a warm champagne colour withe remainder ivory. I use stiff ballet net that is imported from Italy. I find it has plenty of body and keeps its shape well without hooping or hand-pleating.

champagne and ivory net

I trimmed the applique a little to fit the inverted scallops and played around with a few other appliques to fill in the gaps.

playing with trim 1
playing with trim

When I was happy with the arrangement I overlocked the edges and then placed the appliques in their final position. While these are iron on appliques, the glue isn’t really strong enough for a reliable attachment, so I pressed them lightly into place to save using pins and then zigzagged them on with gold embroidery thread. I was careful not to let the iron mark the velvet.

playing with trim 2
final placement

After the trim was in place I glued on rhinestones and started putting the skirt layers on while the glue dried. When the skirt was finished I cut an ellipse from the centre of the skirt 2cm smaller than the high hip measurement. I clipped the inner circumference and sewed the plate to the top layer of net as close to the bodice as possible. This technique gives a neat finish and a flat plate. I use a curved upholstery needle as I’m sewing into a more or less flat surface.

attaching plate
attaching the plate

Just a sprinkling of rhinestones and the embellishment is complete.

skirt detail
bodice and skirt detail

The beautiful subtle colour of the skirt complements the richness of the bodice and plate.

finished tutu

and a lovely emerald and gold tiara to match


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