Ivory tutu with Vintage Recherche lace

No progress shots with this one I’m afraid. Suffice to say the tutu was built around the beautiful vintage lace from Recherche Dance Fabrics in Sydney. This tutu was to be added to my RTW page but it sold within 2 days of posting it on my FaceBook page.

central portion of lace

I used the tendrils of gold from the very centre of this scant 1 metre piece to embellish the bodice. I have added a few Preciosa rhinestones to secure the cut ends of the lace. It’s remarkable what can be done with a small piece of lace. I still have enough lace left for one more tutu. It features different motifs so will produce quite a variation on this tutu.

bodice decoration

The tutu had quite a journey. Within a few days of posting it was on it’s way to Victoria and then shortly afterwards made its way back to New South Wales for the Sydney Eisteddfod, and then home again to Victoria. The young dancer needed a new tutu for her variation with only a few weeks to find one. This was the right tutu at the right time.

skirt detail
skirt detail

As the lace was quite elaborate I thought the best treatment was to simply float it across the skirt and not both with a plate.

Encrusted with jewels

A very pretty tutu

simple elegance

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