I offered one of my custom-made tutus as a prize for the senior Classical Section of the South East Queensland Performing Arts Festival (SEQPAF). The winner, Kaitlyn McNall, said she’d like an elegant blue tutu with a light and delicate design. She left the design pretty much in my hands.


Silver venise lace on the bodice

The neckline of the bodice was cut marginally lower than usual but not deep enough for a nude insert to be necessary.


plate detail

I wanted a striking design but not too heavy. So I played around with loops of trim floating on glitter tulle.


intricate details with lots of rhinestones

I slowly built up the tiers on the plate until I was happy with it. The plate and the 2 outer layers make up a pretty 3-tiered plate. The slightly darker skirt gives a luminous quality to the tutu.


finished tutu


Ready-To-Wear Lilac Stretch Tutu

I had a tiny bit of time between tutu orders so how did I relax? I made a new ready to wear tutu. I’d been on a shopping trip and picked up a pretty lilac corded lace so I built a tutu around it.

bodice detail

bodice detail

This type of lace uses a metallic corded that is cleverly sewn to the backing fabric in a series of loops to make designs. The shapes can be cut out and rearranged as appliques. I simply glue a rhinestone to the cut section to stop any fraying. In the photo below you can see the fine mesh background fabric.


rhinestones and beads

The skirt was pale lilac and I added a layer of soft glitter tulle to the top.



plate detail

This little tutu is currently waiting for its new owner.


This tutu is now sold