Ready-To-Wear Lilac Stretch Tutu

I had a tiny bit of time between tutu orders so how did I relax? I made a new ready to wear tutu. I’d been on a shopping trip and picked up a pretty lilac corded lace so I built a tutu around it.

bodice detail

bodice detail

This type of lace uses a metallic corded that is cleverly sewn to the backing fabric in a series of loops to make designs. The shapes can be cut out and rearranged as appliques. I simply glue a rhinestone to the cut section to stop any fraying. In the photo below you can see the fine mesh background fabric.


rhinestones and beads

The skirt was pale lilac and I added a layer of soft glitter tulle to the top.



plate detail

This little tutu is currently waiting for its new owner.


This tutu is now sold



One thought on “Ready-To-Wear Lilac Stretch Tutu

  1. Carmel says:

    All your tutu and costume designs are all so beautiful!! Well done:))

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