Le Corsaire – Pas D’Esclave Variation

I’ve made a few of these costumes over the past few years. As a stretch costume¬† it’s a snug and secure fit for younger dancers. The bodice is not too deeply cut and extends comfortably down through the midriff as the dancer is young and good coverage was requested. The basque reaches just short ofContinue reading “Le Corsaire – Pas D’Esclave Variation”

Peasant Style Classical tutu

I had a request from a client in Adelaide for a classical tutu in the style of Giselle’s peasant pas dress. So we needed a faux corset and chemise, something that would suggest a little apron and some little sleeves. A real apron would have looked silly on a classical tutu … (yes I thinkContinue reading “Peasant Style Classical tutu”

Red Queen

I don’t make a lot of costumes for end of year concerts, actually I duck for cover whenever anyone says the word “troupe”. I figure I paid my dues when my daughter was dancing. But occasionally a solo costume is needed and I’m very happy to help. This one was great fun. Karen and IContinue reading “Red Queen”

A Trio of Flower Faeries

As you can tell I’ve been too busy to blog lately and I’m cheating a little by just uploading photos of completed tutus. Bear with me. there will be a complete construction blog coming up soon. For the next few weeks however,¬† I will just post the tutus I’ve finished to show you what I’veContinue reading “A Trio of Flower Faeries”

Paquita Cupid Variation

This time of year I have a lot of YAGP tutus to make. Australian eisteddfods often don’t allow dancers to do variations unless they are competing in the elite level so it is nice to get requests from my American clients for variation tutus. It’s a fabulous excuse to while away a bit of timeContinue reading “Paquita Cupid Variation”