Peasant Style Classical tutu

I had a request from a client in Adelaide for a classical tutu in the style of Giselle’s peasant pas dress. So we needed a faux corset and chemise, something that would suggest a little apron and some little sleeves.


little “apron”

A real apron would have looked silly on a classical tutu … (yes I think they look silly on peasant pas dresses too but don’t tell anyone) so I compromised and made a light net plate edged with silver venise lace.


faux chemise and corset lacing

The chemise is gathered stretch mesh and I used lycra strips as the corset laces. The little ribbon roses gave the tutu the sweet peasant look my client was after.


arm puffs

The little puffs were made of stretch mesh too to co-ordinate with the chemise.


et voila

The whole effect was rather sweet.

One thought on “Peasant Style Classical tutu

  1. elyzea says:

    Very nice, bravo !

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