Purple and Silver

I’ve had a bit of a love affair with ribbon roses this year. I adore using them. They are simple and provide texture as well as colour. The silver and purple corded lace was a perfect match for the deep purple lycra. The rhinestones and ribbon roses complemented it beautifully. The bodice looks like aContinue reading “Purple and Silver”

Lilac and White tutu

This is a simple little tutu for a very young dancer. Pastel and white with a little glimmer is a good choice for a first tutu. The leotard has a simple sweetheart neckline which is suitable for a young dancer. The skirt will grade from lilac to white so the panties on the leotard areContinue reading “Lilac and White tutu”

Three White Tutus

In September this year I had a rush on white tutus. Here are a few pictures of Paquita Etoile, and La Bayadere and the Snow Queen. I also made a Paquita Grand Pas but that will be the subject of a separate post. For the La Bayadere tutu I used white appliques on white lycraContinue reading “Three White Tutus”

Gold Fairy Variation tutu

The Sleeping Beauty is a favourite ballet with a multitude of characters telling the story of the enchanted sleeping Princess Aurora. Among the jewel fairies in Act III is the Gold Fairy. The lovely young dancer this costume was made for has a beautiful olive complexion and dark hair. The apricot lycra she chose wasContinue reading “Gold Fairy Variation tutu”

Three Pretty Bluebirds

During the last half of the year I am often making variation tutus for YAGP. Here is a selection of tutus that could inspire any young dancer to be Princess Florine. I had only a small amount of this lace left so I had to be creative in making a balanced design from it. TheContinue reading “Three Pretty Bluebirds”

Pink and Pearls

Pink and white are traditional colours for a young girl’s first tutu. This one is teamed with pearls and a sprinkling of rhinestones for some subtle sparkle. Here’s the starting point for the tutu. The skirt is a slightly paler pink than the bodice so I made lower part of the leotard in pastel pink.Continue reading “Pink and Pearls”

Pink Velvet and French Lace

I have a small stash of French lace that makes its way out of the fabric inventory for the “right” tutu. This pretty dark pink lace was perfect for soft pink velvet. French lace is the name of a style of beaded and embroidered fine tulle. It may have originally been made in France butContinue reading “Pink Velvet and French Lace”

Burgundy Paquita

Burgundy and gold are a perfect match for Paquita. I teamed it with rhinestones, venise lace and corded lace and I included some warm gold net in the skirt. Because the skirt is a different colour to the bodice the leotard needs to be made in 2 colours I decorated the leotard before I putContinue reading “Burgundy Paquita”

Blue and Silver tutu

I had a client ask for a blue tutu with some lace they’d seen in another of my tutus. Unfortunately there was only a little of it left. But where there is a will there is a way. We decided to use silver venise lace to augment the lace on the plate and just veniseContinue reading “Blue and Silver tutu”

Apricot and Ivory

Apricot is a very popular choice for a young dancer’s first tutu. It teams beautifully with gold or like in this one, with ivory. I’ve used a delicate ivory lace applique for the bodice and teamed it with a linear lace for the plate. I used a combination of crystal AB and apricot AB rhinestonesContinue reading “Apricot and Ivory”