Three Pretty Bluebirds

During the last half of the year I am often making variation tutus for YAGP. Here is a selection of tutus that could inspire any young dancer to be Princess Florine.


bodice decoration

I had only a small amount of this lace left so I had to be creative in making a balanced design from it. The bodice decoration here is augmented with rhinestones, seed beads and sequins.


plate detail

There wasn’t quite enough lace to reach the edge of the skirt so I introduced a little window of glitter net as a design feature. I think it is issues like these that inspire my creativity the most.



The window effect is quite pretty I think. I blinged it up a bit with lightweight acrylic rhinestones.


finished tutu

Et voila … net to the edge of the skirt to give a soft romantic look.


Bodice decoration

This was a combination of a light blue lycra and a darker lace. I wanted to keep the design as a light tracery of lace so that it would not look too heavy against the pale blue.


plate detail

I added some crystal AB rhinestones for a bit of extra glimmer. The tiny flat sequins on the lace accommodated the real sparkle and flash.


completed tutu

I really like who this one turned out. I’ve since had quite few requests for a reprise of this style.


silver and blue tutu

And finally a sweet little blue and silver tutu with a scalloped plate and lace overskirt.


plate detail

The peaks of the scallops were embellished with rhinestones as a focal point.


delicate and pretty

And there we have it. Three Princesses in blue.

4 thoughts on “Three Pretty Bluebirds

  1. Kurt & Bec Schubert says:

    Hi Barbara

    These are just divine. I am loving all of your posts.

    Would you mind sharing with me the colour of the lycra in the middle tutu and also where you got it from.

    Thank you Bec Schubert


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