Blue Roses Stretch Tutu

I made this tutu as a RTW tutu. I had a tiny bit of the blue ribbon rose lace left and I thought I could eke out a design with it. Turquoise velvet was the perfect choice to match the lace.

bodice detail

bodice detail

The lace is quite simple so I blinged it up a little with rhinestones.

plate detail

plate detail

I trailed the lace onto the skirt for a soft delicate look. The tendrils were caught by  thread through the top layer of the skirt. I prefer the look of  lightly floating plate rather than mounting it on net.


completed tutu

I submitted the tutu to a FB page selling RTW tutus and it sold within a couple of days. I’ll try to reprise the design a few different ways and add the style to my repertoire.

4 thoughts on “Blue Roses Stretch Tutu

  1. BalletPlus says:


    • Hi, the tutu was bought within about 2 days of being listed on a tutus-for-sale page on FB. That’s my goal for a RTW tutu; I try to make them appealing without being too mainstream for a quick sale.

  2. Melissa says:

    Which site did you list it on Barbara? I thought I was in all the Australian tutus for sale pages on FB but I didn’t see this one come up. It’s gorgeous!

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