White and Silver

This delicate little tutu has been a team effort between a grandmother, a mum a young dancer … with me as facilitator. Together we’ve created a delicate white tutu that still has plenty of character to support the choreography and music. The blank canvas for the tutu is this simple white leotard made from DaniContinue reading “White and Silver”

Tiny Sugar Plum

This tutu is baby pink for a very young little dancer. How could I resist making a pink tutu for a tiny girl? We started with a beautiful embroidered lace with opalescent sequins which I embellished with rhinestones. The skirt was chiefly white but I put a layer of pink under the top layer ofContinue reading “Tiny Sugar Plum”

Fuchsia and Royal Blue Tutu

I love bright colours in tutus. They are a delight to make but seem to be finished too soon! This tutu was for little Eden. As you can see in the last photo the colours really suited her fair complexion. I cut motifs from the fuchsia corded lace. After cutting out the motifs I embellishContinue reading “Fuchsia and Royal Blue Tutu”

Tiny Cinderella

A mum from Queensland asked if I could make her 4 year old a very romantic Cinderella style tutu in blue, cream and gold. She gave me a few ideas, like a swag around the top and shoulders and a deeply ornate plate but basically gave me free rein. We were both very pleased withContinue reading “Tiny Cinderella”