Apricot, Ivory and White tutus

My last multiple post will be those enduring colours of the ballet world, white, ivory and apricot. A lovely white tutu with silver venise lace, crystal AB rhinestones and a simple overlay of silver white lace. This design took a lot of to-ing and fro-ing but I think my client and I came up withContinue reading “Apricot, Ivory and White tutus”

Red, Pink and Coral Tutus

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked to make some beautiful coloured tutus this year. Here is a series of red, pink and coral tutus Let’s start with this tiny pink confection with the soft white feathered skirt revealing a pink underskirt. Next is a cute little character tutu for the Fairy Doll. SheContinue reading “Red, Pink and Coral Tutus”

Purple and Burgundy Tutus

Purple and burgundy are beautiful rich colours that make for stunning stage costumes. The combination of burgundy velvet, venise lace and a full lace overskirt is a perfect Paquita. Changing the colour tones slightly to cooler silver and purple gives a tutu a whole new character. The colours in this tutu were beautiful. I evenContinue reading “Purple and Burgundy Tutus”

Lilac Tutus

Last year seemed to be the year of the Lilac Fairy. Here are 6 variations on a theme.   This tutu was very pretty with pinks and mauves moving against each other in the skirt. The lilac corded lace spills onto the skirt where you can see the multiple skirt colours. This tutu was embellishedContinue reading “Lilac Tutus”

Blue Tutus

This last 12 months has been completely awash with tutus and I apologise for not blogging more. I promise the next 12 months will include more detailed posts. So for now I’ll just catch up with photos of completed tutus. This first post will be for blue tutus. There is a lovely lightness about theContinue reading “Blue Tutus”

Three ways with the Silver-white lace

Finding lace and trimmings for costumes is a never-ending task; EBay, Aliexpress, op-shops, generous gifts all make for a lively versatile inventory. But sometimes you can get stuck. Well here’s how I used white and silver in three different ways – not because I’d run out of ideas but because 3 separate clients all choseContinue reading “Three ways with the Silver-white lace”