Blue Tutus

This last 12 months has been completely awash with tutus and I apologise for not blogging more. I promise the next 12 months will include more detailed posts. So for now I’ll just catch up with photos of completed tutus. This first post will be for blue tutus.

blue french lace 3Q
blue French lace

There is a lovely lightness about the lace overlay on this skirt. I don’t often make a tutu without a matching plate but this worked so beautifully.

DSC_0013 (1)
Hand Dyed corded lace

This tutu began life as a RTW tutu after I hand-dyed some corded lace as an experiment. It was so pretty I built the tutu around it.  The tutu was listed on a tutu sellers page and sold in 2 hours. Sorry, it didn’t even make it to my RTW page.


Royal Blue and Venise Lace

Royal blue and gold are perfect partners and I especially like this ornate gold venise lace. A liberal hand with the blue rhinestones added a bit of extra colour to the lace which can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

DSC_0018 (1)
corded lace

This pretty fine corded lace has a metallic thread through it giving some extra sparkle. It’s actually dark blue so stands out well against the light blue.

Pretty full lace overskirt

The lace overskirt was another dyeing triumph. We needed a pale blue sparkly overskirt and this pretty silver-white lace from Spotlight took on a lovely light blue colour. Even the sequins were dyed!

Pretty little blue and silver

It was lovely making this for a dear little girl. She was so excited about her first tutu!

Pas D’Esclave

I like making a little bodice like an Indian choli for these tutus and decorating them richly with venise lace and rhinestones. The off-the-shoulder effect looks terrific on stage.


This was a lovely choice for Esmeralda, a soft turquoise blue with a tiered skirt and long mesh sleeves. We also added a deep back to show off the dancer’s flexibility.

DSC_0020 (2)
deep back

And to finish off the blue theme, another sweet tiny tutu for a 4 year old just starting her ballet solos.

Velvet and roses





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