Two Ivory Tutus

This year I have put aside a little time to make some ready-to-wear tutus. I’ve made a few dramatic ones but also a few that appeal to quieter tastes. And for that you can’t go past ivory. Here are 2 tutus that both sold in under 30 minutes on my FB page. This first oneContinue reading “Two Ivory Tutus”

Dark Blue Tutus

I’ve had a lot of requests this year for steely blue and dark blue velvet tutus. They have all been very dramatic designs for older dancers. This dark blue was teamed with gold venise lace and a champagne skirt. The floating jewels on the skirt add extra drama. I also added a deep decorated lowContinue reading “Dark Blue Tutus”

Green, Mint and Teal Tutus

Green is not a common colour in ballet except for variations like Esmeralda but sometimes a Tinkerbell will sneak through. Beautiful dark green velvet, dramatic light gold appliques and a soft gold tulle overskirt are teamed with emerald and turquoise rhinestones. This lovely little tutu has a light soft design of pale blue and mintContinue reading “Green, Mint and Teal Tutus”

Spanish Tutus

A grand parade of Spanish and Spanish-inspired tutus Rich red over a slightly darker skirt. Lots of flashy sparkle here. Coral and gold over a champagne coloured skirt Dark red and gold with pretty windows of decorated net over a glittery white skirt Richly embellished russet and gold tutu with champagne coloured chemise and skirtContinue reading “Spanish Tutus”

Pale Blue Tutus

Pale blue tutus are beautifully ethereal. Here are a few bluebirds and other pale blue tutus I’ve made this year. This pretty tutu teamed pale blue, ivory and light gold. The top layer of the skirt is fine gold sparkle tulle. This versatile trim makes a lovely plate Here, light blue is teamed with silverContinue reading “Pale Blue Tutus”

A selection of Blue Tutus

Blue is a very popular colour for tutus from pale blue, through mid blue, royal blue and dark steely blue. Here is a selection of mid blue tutus. The air-brushed skirt adds a delicate lightness to the costume. The gold trim on the plate floats over the airbrushed skirt.   Using the same trim, aContinue reading “A selection of Blue Tutus”

Black and Red Tutus

  Black and red often conjures up Spanish tutus but there is so much more to these colours than just Spanish. A dramatic all black tutu is included in the mix here too … dark Odette. The points on this plate end with floating jewels for extra drama. Dramatic detail on bodice front does suggestContinue reading “Black and Red Tutus”

Tap and Jazz Costumes

I love the vibrant colours in tap and jazz costumes. Here are three costumes I made for Eloise and Tarli. Tarli will wear this costume with long black gloves, fishnet tights and a bobbed black wig. Can’t wait to see the photos! The black appliques have been blinged up with purple and red stones. ThisContinue reading “Tap and Jazz Costumes”

A Suite of Contemporary Costumes

Here are three ready-to-wear costumes and  one commissioned costume I have made recently. The nude mesh on the upper bodice gives a lovely effect of the lacy appliques floating on the dancer’s skin. The cosmic mesh skirt adds a little bit of sparkle. Rhinestones on the nude mesh add to the ethereal effect of theContinue reading “A Suite of Contemporary Costumes”