Peasant Pas Dresses

Here’s a collection of peasant pas dresses in stable fabrics (Tutus That Dance patterns and Halsey on Stage) and stretch fabrics (Tutus by Dani patterns).

Hall (2)
La Fille Mal Gardee burgundy

I had just enough of this shot embroidered taffeta to make the bodice of this peasant pas dress. The little nude insert creates a subtle sweetheart neckline.

Hall (5)
bodice detail

The bodice, sleeves and apron were finished with a selection of ribbon roses and carnations.

Most of my variation costumes go to the US. Here is another La Fille Mal Gardee, this time in pink.

The embroidered satin was embellished with pearls and sequins. I added more pearls to the gold venise lace. The ruched bodice is made of tissue silk.

I love using these little ribbon roses. I’ve been collecting them for a while now and all sorts of colours. Here are some for a blue Giselle.

Pretty navy Giselle

Navy blue dupioni was perfect for this blue Giselle. A headpiece made of ribbon roses and some little blue bows complete the picture.

Stretch peasant pas dresses are a great alternative to traditional ones. They have great flexibility in fitting.

Wilkinson (3)

This stretch peasant pas dress has an overskirt of stretch mesh for a lower profile skirt. Trim on the skirt matched the trim in the bodice.

The ruched bodice is made from gathered fine stretch mesh to give the impression of a gathered peasant chemise.


This Kirov peasant pas has a little apron as well as the iconic skirt ribbons. I’ve adorned it with ribbon roses again. I can’t resist them really.


I’ve had the light brown trim for ages. It was perfect for this costume.


The lovely russet costume was recently joined by a brown velvet version.

Peters Peasant Pas (3)

I love the double ribbon trim in 2 widths. The skirt is ivory with a pale pink underskirt. The bright pink ribbon roses and light beige finish the design.

I recently had a request for a peasant pas in the style of Degas’s Little Dancer bronze statue.

Higginson (9)

I used Travis Halsey’s Degas bodice and made a skirt from softened and distressed nylon net in ivory and cream.

The shot taffeta had a lovely bronze tone. And I used a two tone lurex fabric for the piping to give a polished effect on the piping.

Chase Kitri (2)

This peasant pas dress is a white and black Kitri entrance costume.

Chase Kitri (3)

The skirt ruffles are stretch mesh edged in black. And of course, more ribbon roses.

Chase Kitri (4)

And to finish off, a Peasant Pas dress for the Swan Lake Pas de Trois. This was made from dusty pink silk dupioni with silk chiffon sleeves and overskirt. The skirt is low profile and floaty.

A little bit of detail on the bodice with pink imitation pearls.

Garcia (7)

And a pretty head-dress to complete the picture.


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