Purple Tutus

Here are a few purple tutus for your enjoyment. I haven’t had many over the past year.


Pretty purple over a lilac skirt with silver and white embroidered and corded appliques.


Pretty purple, lilac and crystal AB stones for a richly decorated bodice.

plate detail

The plate is trimmed with larger stones in the same colours.


This tutu has a top layer of dark wine over purple and is decorated with glitter appliques.


The glittery effect of this trim is beautiful on stage, especially on darker colours.


Look at the sunlight catching the light shining up from the plate.

RTW Lilac (4)

This pretty little lilac tutu is a RTW waiting for next year’s dance season. The bodice and skirt trim is hand-dyed to match the bodice and skirt.

RTW Lilac (2)



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