Burgundy Tutus

Lovely, dark sophisticated burgundy, a gorgeous colour for a tutu

Red Tutus

Spanish, Red Queens and just beautiful red, this is a sumptuous colour on stage whether it has a red skirt, white or even pink!

Dark Blue tutus

Royal blue, navy and midnight blue with gold trim and silver trim, white skirts, blue skirts and champagne skirts.

Blue, blue my heart is blue 2017-2018

This has to be one of the most popular colour for tutus. Please enjoy this selection of blue tutus.

Dark Tutus

Dark tutus make dramatic statements. Dancers need to be strong to carry off these colours as competition stages often have black curtains and the tutu can disappear, putting technique into the spotlight.

Apricot and Peach Tutus

Here is a selection of my apricot and orange tone tutus over the past few years. These range from delicate light apricot through the strong Spanish styles in russet tones.

Contemporary Costumes

I don’t make a lot of costumes that aren’t tutus but I do love making lyrical, contemporary and slow tap costumes. I think I just love the soft application of delicate trim and those long drifting skirts.

A suite of romantic tutus

Ballet tutus are not all the iconic classical shape. One of the loveliest styles is the romantic skirt, in either soft tulle or a low profile silk chiffon, often topped with a bodice resembling a corset with a light chemise underneath.