Degas Little Dancer

I was asked to make a peasant pas dress that resembled that made for Degas’ bronze sculpture the Little Dancer. This bronze has a real dress that is periodically replaced. I made the bodice in a beautiful bronze fabric to recall the sculpture and made the skirt from some soft tulle in ivory and cream that resembles the soft aging skirt so often seen on the sculpture.

I used the “Degas” bodice pattern from Travis Halsey’s pattern collection and teamed it with Tutus That Dance skirt.
The piping has a bright coppery metallic thread through it to look like the burnished part of a statue.
The tulle for the skirt was found by accident. It has the perfect soft distressed look I was after. I had bought it to dye for another job, but it turned limp once it had been wet. Certainly not good for a classical skirt but perfect for this character costume.
The little brass buttons completed the look for this Little Dancer.

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