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My name is Barbara Sanders and I am a costumer living and working in beautiful regional Victoria. I specialise in designing and making Ready-To-Wear solo tutus for competitions and eisteddfods. I also make costumes for lyrical and contemporary dance as well as the occasional gymnastics, calisthenics and figure skating costume.

My costumes are unique rather than a representing catalogue designs. The fabrics are high quality and I use imported Italian ballet net for all classical tutus for structural integrity and longevity.

Stretch Classical Tutus start at $450 and Traditional Classical Tutus start at $800 (see the pricing pages).

I have a limited number of commissioned spaces. I will accept commissioned work if the design/concept will make a contribution to or extend my current portfolio.



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  1. Dear Barbara,

    I would like to enquire about the cost of a full deco Black Swan Stretch Tutu quite urgently. May I get your response latest by this week? Thank you very much!

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