Five Traditional Tutus

It really was a very busy year for me so blogging has had to take second place to actually getting tutus made. I promise to be a bit more organised in 2016 and blog a bit more detail rather than just photos. In the meantime, here are 5 traditional tutus I completed in the secondContinue reading “Five Traditional Tutus”

Esmeralda Classical Tutu and Peasant Pas costume

One of my US clients sent me a box of beautiful fabrics and appliques to make her daughter an Esmeralda classical tutu and a Peasant Pas costume. Both costumes were made from the emerald green dupioni but I slightly darkened the fabric for the peasant pas dress by overlaying it with fine black tulle. TheContinue reading “Esmeralda Classical Tutu and Peasant Pas costume”

Pale Mint Brocade Traditional Tutu

  Pale and pastel-coloured traditional tutus are very popular but I always like to sneak a little bit of extra colour into them. For this pale mint brocade tutu I decided to highlight the mint colour in the skirt and enhance it with a little glitter tulle. And if you’ve wondered how I get all thoseContinue reading “Pale Mint Brocade Traditional Tutu”

A trio of traditional tutus

I’ve been flat out lately and forgetting to take photos but I’m sure you’ll forgive me just posting some pictures of finished tutus rather than construction steps. I often will buy a couple of metres of beautiful fabric if I can see a tutu in it. I could not resist this beautiful embroidered taffeta. ItContinue reading “A trio of traditional tutus”

Apricot and Gold Aurora

I’ve had a groundswell of Auroras this year, in all their glorious girly pinkishness. It was almost enough to make me consider frocking up myself (nope, still in jeans and a t-shirt!). My client brought along some fabric she had found and some ideas and we set to work. First there was the dyeing ofContinue reading “Apricot and Gold Aurora”

Miettes Qui Tombent

Miette is one of Sleeping Beauty’s fairies. The name means ‘falling breadcrumbs’ and comes from an old Russian tradition that spreading breadcrumbs on a girl’s cradle will bring her children when she marries. White is appropriate for this tutu but as it will be on its way to the Prix de Lausanne 2015 we thoughtContinue reading “Miettes Qui Tombent”

Baroque Aurora

It’s important in any field to keep refreshing skills and learning new ways to do things. To this end I spent a week in Victoria’s beautiful Woodend at a tutu seminar run by the wonderful teachers Helen Rodwell and Sylvia Heather of Sew Classical Tutus. I also stayed on for a couple of days toContinue reading “Baroque Aurora”


Just when I thought the year was getting quieter for Australian tutus I received a rush of calls for YAGP tutus. I almost couldn’t fit this one in but a position on my schedule opened up. This is a lovely traditional Spanish tutu is a gorgeous dark red dupioni silk with light gold-embroidered tulle plate.Continue reading “Kitri”

Ivory, Apricot and Pink Traditional Tutu

This last half of the tutu year has been pink! This lovely tutu has a slight twist with the introduction of some apricot to warm up the pink a little. The bodice fabric is a lovely crisp Thai silk. I’ve used Suzanne Dieckmann’s girls tutu bodice 3102.  I pin my patterns to my cardboard gridContinue reading “Ivory, Apricot and Pink Traditional Tutu”

Warm Cream and Gold Traditional Tutu

This was a lovely tutu to make. There were no time pressures and Lillian, Izzy and I had a great time putting together the design. I really had to call on my inner princess for this one. The first thing we do of course is decide on a bodice fabric. Tutu making has given meContinue reading “Warm Cream and Gold Traditional Tutu”