Firebird Traditional Tutu



The moment I saw the cerise and orange shot dupioni silk I knew I had to make a firebird tutu. I set to work hand-dyeing the net for a gradation from hot pink through to yellow, being inspired by Margot Fonteyn’s Firebird tutu. I also wanted to try out Suzanne’s Dieckman’s new corselet bodice pattern to use a piece of tissue silk I had stashed away. I dyed the tissue silk and hand-beaded it as a labour of love. I’d already cut the layers ready for the skirt when Suzanne suggested that layers 1 and 2 (cerise and red) be swapped around, making the shorter red layer the top one. With the dagged points this gave a beautiful feather effect with a great colour transition. The finishing touch was a series of venise lace wedges around the skirt and matching beaded lace on the bodice.


underside of firebird skirt











Firebird embellished venise lace

Green Velvet Traditional Classical Tutu


Green Velvet Traditional Tutu

This is an Off-The-Rack (OTR) tutu that has recently sold. It was made from a combination of soft American diamond net and stiff Italian ballet net and loosely hand-tacked for a softer skirt. I included a hoop casing in ruffle 4 in case a flatter look was required. I’m very glad I did this as the client wanted a more iconic shape so I added the hoop and retacked more tightly for a flatter stiffer skirt. I was drawn to the bodice fabric first but then had to find a matching net. After fruitless search I used a layer of golden organza sandwiched between dark green net. The remaining ruffles are alternating lemon and buttery yellow net.


This skirt was originally a bell shape


Hooping this tutu has given it a new image