Off The Rack – ready to wear costumes

I will be making more ready to wear tutus over the next 12 months. Here is the first.

Apricot RTW (6)

This pretty apricot tutu is decorated with appliques made from tiny opalescent sequins for amazing sparkle. The appliques have been further embellished with topaz, tangerine and apricot rhinestones. The skirt’s top layer is ivory English net with the remaining layers in champagne and apricot Italian net. Girls size 12-15 – B70-75cm, W 60-65cm, H75-80cm and G130-138cm. The feathered skirt is 38cm wide from high hip to edge. For sale $450 plus P+P (or pick up from Hornsby Heights). Listed elsewhere.

Apricot RTW (3)

18 thoughts on “Off The Rack – ready to wear costumes

  1. Imogen says:

    Looking for a tutu for an 8-9 year old, I have had my fair share of tutu disasters and am looking for the perfect fit and an exceptional look!
    (Pancaked competition tutu) budget is important as she probably won’t get more than a season or two at most out of it!
    Many thanks for your advice

    • Hi Imogen. I’m currently in Indonesia (fabric shopping!) and will be back in Sydney on 29 January. A stretch tutu would be a good budget choice for a growing girl. Can you tell me what sort of tutu you’re after (style, colour etc) and we can go from there. I will be incommunicado until I reach Surabaya on the weekend unfortunately.



  2. Laura says:

    Looking at your blog I wish you was in the uk your tutus are stunning
    What colours would you suggest for my daughter who’s blonde

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. In choosing colours I will start with colours that the dancer feels good in and assuming the teacher agrees I’ll progress from there. I do this in my studio by draping the dancer in the fabrics to see how it looks against their skin. You could try something similar in a fabric shop to get an idea. Having said that I think blondes look fantastic in rich colours like burgundy, sapphire and emerald whereas paler colours may draw too much colour from them. Mind you, my recent apricot tutu went to a blonde dancer and it looked perfect on her with her natural golden tan.

      There are lots of wonderful tutu makers in the UK, Karen Jackson, Monica Newell and Meri Makkipenti to name a few.

  3. arlene kane says:

    hi there , do you not post to the uk ? thanks

  4. Samantha Camilleri says:


    i am looking for a tutu for my daughter, she is 8 . I am unsure what size will fit her. she has dark hair and well tanned most of the year. Do you make the tutus, or di you sell second hand tutus. How much, and where in Sydney are you located.

    • Hi Samantha

      I make tutus and occasionally have ready to wear tutus available. At this time of year I’m mostly doing custom made tutus. The tutus range from $325 to around $400-475 for eisteddfod ready tutus. I’m on the upper North Shore.



  5. Nan Stephens says:

    Your work is impeccable…While I would love to take your class on construction, I am not on the same continent…I would like to learn how to construct a classical tutu…but am having a difficult time in finding any valuable information on the process…do you know of any books, videos, or other instruction on the building of tutus? How did you learn your art form? I have no aspirations to being a tutu supplier, just want to help a small dance troupe…I m an accomplished seamstress/costumer…Thank you for your time, Nan S.

  6. Natalie Hargreaves says:

    Hi Off the Rack. your work is really lovely. Was wondering what the possibility of purchasing a tutu was in the near future? Thankyou Nat x

  7. Sione George says:

    Dear Barbara
    Would you have any off the rack Tutus available for size 10-12?

  8. Rayma Torresan says:

    I am looking for a tutu for my 8 year old daughter
    Can you please send through tutu’s you can for sale in size 8 children?

    • Hi Rayma

      I will be making a few RTW tutus over the net few months. Keep an eye on my FB page where I advertise them for sale. They usually don’t last more than a day so you have to be quick.



  9. Jena Nadeau says:

    Looking for a red variation costume for a 9 year old doing Paquita. Need it urgently please

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